Chomp Orthodontics

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the best in orthodontics treatment and care. We us the best and current technologies to help straighten your teeth, align your jaw, or whatever treatment required to give you the best smile possible.

adult braces in west hills california

Adult Braces

Regardless of your age we can still help you get that perfect smile.

kids braces diagnostic by an orthodontist in west hills

Braces For Kids

Our friendly staff will have your child wanting to come back.

invisalign dentist and orthodontist


The braces that are barely noticeable.

retainers for straight teeth for kids and adults


The best molds and replacements.

Free Consultation

Our initial free orthodontist consultation will give you guidance on your next steps.

Office Location

Our office is located in West Hills, Ca.

About Chomp Orthodontics – An Orthodontist Near Me

Our passion is helping our customers achieve the best smile. We have years of experience, education, and certifications that allow us to treat people correctly.

The reason so many dentist refer the patients to us is that we take the time help our customers understand the process. Our excellent customer service sets us a part from other orthodontists and our gentle care with children helps eliminate their fear of visiting our office.

Orthondotic Symptoms

realign your misaligned jaw and book an appointment with an orthodontist

Misaligned Jaw

Let us diagnose if your jaw is misaligned and provide treatment. Going to the wrong orthodontist can cause you more pain than comfort and we can help.

fix your crooked teeth by wearing braces or a retainer or invisalign

Crooked Teeth

Straight teeth can make you feel good and help with dental hygiene. At Chomp we know how to make your teeth straight in the fastest way.

orthorodontist can fix your overbite or underbite

Over/Under Bite

Help your mouth align correctly and let us fix the issue. Our dedicated orthodontist will you get the treatment you need.

Low Self Esteem

A confident smile helps increase self esteem and happiness. Our goal is to get you your best smile with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Make sure to check out the Chomp Orthodontics blog for great tips and information around keeping your perfect smile.

Look No Further. Get Your Best and Brightest Smile Today!