Lots of question arises in someone’s mind when it comes to the matter of teeth straightening as teeth appears as the most important part of your physical appearance. However people used to get confuse between Braces or Invisalign which known as common treatment of teeth straightening. People usually find difficulty to choose one of the best treatment among them with the thoughts that which one is more functional, effective, comfortable and reasonable?

Braces and Invisalign have the same goal of teeth straightening but confusion of choosing between one of them always hit to patients in order to fix their teethes. However, the confusion of any patient is valid but can be solve with the proper information of treatment of braces or invisalign which will surely help any patient to choose one of them which will emerge as best teeth straightening treatment for them.


Dental braces are one of the common method of fixing the position or shaping of teethes which are made up of stainless steel of metal wire in a rectangular shape. Braces also provide help to progress dental health such as correction of malocclusion, cross bites and deep bites as well as also improve other issues of the teethes.

How Braces Works?

The process of braces is just simple as to move the teeth with the help of force applying on teethes. It usually contains three parts named as brackets, band and arch wire which provide continuous pressure on teethes in order to move teethes in exact position. However, patients can get their desired result within two years or depend on the patient needs.

Types of Braces:

There are several types of braces which are effective according to the needs of patients.

Traditional Braces:

Traditional braces are one of the most common type of braces which is made up of metal or steel. It contains metal brackets which are used to uphold by elastic band with the help of glue to the front of teethes.

Clear braces:

They are similar like traditional braces but they contains natural color of the teeth due to which braces appears as a hidden braces by mixing up with the color of teethes. They are made up of clear elastic and white metal which usually appears as less visible.

Lingual Braces:

If anyone don’t want to appear with the braces then lingual braces are the best in which brackets and wires are used to be positioned on the inside of the teethes.

Multi-Loop Edgewise Arch wire (MEAW):

This type of braces provide more effective and best alignment of teethes so far as wires emerged in the form of loop between teethes.


Invisalign braces are plastic aligner trays which ensures high level of comfort according to the desire of the patients. They are usually made up of the customized series of plastic aligners which are used to wear on the teeth in order to correct the positions of teethes. Invisalign emerges are most comfortable, smoother and invisible which allows patients to smile bigger without any tension of appearances of braces.

How Invisalign Works:

Invisalign braces works with the help of aligner’s trays through which tooth position can be set on their exact positions. A customized aligner trays are set to locate over teethes in order to shift teethes on exact position. They are removable aligner trays and will be changed after two weeks unless your treatment is completed. It is the process of nearly 6 to 18 months or according to the patients needs.

  • Pros of Invisalign:
    • Effective method
    • No complications
    • Invisible
    • Removable
    • comfortable
    • Patients can eat and drink properly
  • Cons of Invisalign:
    • Can’t handle serious dental problems
    • Not useable for children or kids
    • Expensive
    • Treatment may take longer time
    • Changing of trays after two weeks
  • Pros of Dental Braces:
    • Least expensive
    • No harm
    • Most effective
    • Children can enjoy them with the help of colored braces
    • Available for any age group
    • Can positioned teeth much faster
    • Excellent dental correction
    • Can hold teeth properly and tightly for desired results
  • Cons of Dental Braces:
    • Pain due to wires
    • Uncomfortable while eating and drinking
    • Teeth can be damaged
    • Highly visible
    • Irremovable
    • They can make stain easily on the teeth
    • Problematic to clean

Before you choose to go for either invisalign or ordinary braces, you’d better be informed.

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