Braces for Kids

Giving kids their best smiles through preventative treatment

Some orthodontic conditions are simply easier to correct if they’re corrected early.

Correcting orthodontia problems at a young age can make achieving a great smile a lot easier. Your kid will probably need corrective dental work at some point which is why we recommend interceptive orthodontic treatment. This helps your child prevent issues that can become more severe in life before they happen.

The orthodontist is able to establish control over where your kid’s permanent teeth will come in through controlling the structure of their jaw and teeth. By the age of seven your child’s mouth will have developed enough to where the orthodontist can tell how it will develop as the permanent teeth grow in.

A pediatric dentist associates are trained to identify bite and jaw issues at a young age and usually refer them to an orthodontist. The majority of our clients are referred through dentists because of our great customer service, friendly care, and best of all, results.

Orthodontics Early Intervention Benefits:

  • Greater insight to permanent teeth development
  • Habit correction from tooth development issues such as thumb sucking or pushing teeth with tongue
  • Adjusting bite issues such as when a child has an open bite, cross bit or a deep bit
  • Teeth and jaw growth guidance to control permanent teeth development
  • Decrease risk of protruding teeth
  • Prevent any future dental correction that can be more invasive
  • Increased self-worth and confidence in your child
  • Enjoying a healthy beautiful smile longer in life

Even if you think your child does not need orthodontic treatment you should setup a consultation with an orthodontist. It is a great way to begin establishing a relationship with us and your child. It is also a good way to see if there is anything that we can do to help your kid immediately as some dental professionals may overlook some of the small signs that may have a big impact.

Two Part Orthodontic Treatment for Children

If we identify through our interceptive orthodontic consultation that treatment is necessary, we will take an approach that is two parts. The first part starts right away while your child still has the majority of their primary teeth in their mouth. The second part happens as your child gets older and we are able to determine the timing for corrective action.

Part 1: Early and Preventative Treatment

  • Correct biting and chewing bad habits
  • Prevent future problems and bad habits from developing
  • Guide jaw bone and permanent teeth growth to ensure everything grows in the proper alignment

Part 2: Children’s Traditional Braces

  • Adjust teeth and move them into their permanent position
  • Correct teeth growing into the wrong positions
  • Create a perfect everlasting smile

The orthodontic treatments are meant to be work together with the growth of your child. This allows for your child’s teeth to be adjusted to come into their mouth correctly. Waiting to provide orthodontic treatment for your child could cause your kid more pain and invasive procedures later on in their life which can be much costlier.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Conditions

There are a lot of reasons for an examination of your child’s teeth and jaw before they lose their baby teeth. You will obtain insight into how the teeth are growing in and help identify if and when interceptive treatment should start. Preventative treatment is usually the best treatment.

Conditions Warranting Early Inceptive Treatment

  • Cross bites
  • Teeth Crowding the Mouth
  • Overjets
  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Spacing Issues
  • Teeth Erratically Growing In
  • Missing teeth
  • Ankylosed teeth: When the tooth growing remains in the same place causing permanent tooth displacement
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