Removable, washable and customization aligner to help straighten your teeth.

Is your jaw misaligned, do you have crooked teeth, are you suffering from an overbite, is your self esteem low because you are not confident about your smile? Luckily we have the necessary treatments to help you and your teeth which includes braces and retainers.

A retainer can be a great option instead of braces, before braces, or after braces. It just depends on your personal situation.

When your braces come off your orthodontic treatment is not yet over. The next phase is called the retention phase and is critical to maintaining the hard work you have done. This is when retainers are the tool of choice by an orthodontist.

There are several different kinds and types of retainers available that can be custom made for you. Teeth are not hard set in the jawbone and will move around. The network of fibers that hold everything together are called periodontal ligaments. After the teeth have moved around it can take several months for these ligaments to adjust to the new position. In order to keep that grat new smile you will want to make sure to wear your retainer as directed by the orthodontist.

Retainer fittings are done by the orthodontist and there are three different types of retainer options you have.

Being fitted for a retainer usually happens on the same day your braces are removed. After your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, we may take another set of X-rays and/or bite impressions, to check how well your braces worked and to see how much your wisdom teeth have developed. Then, we’ll discuss your retainer and start getting it ready.

Three Types of Retainers

Hawley Retainer – This is a thin retainer that is shaped like a tongue made out of acrylic mold in order to fit your mouth. There is a wire that holds the teeth into position. This is the most common and durable retainer that is easy to remove.

Clear Aligner Retainer – This is a custom made retainer with transparent plastic that will fit your mouth and teeth precisely. Their advantage is that they are clear and invisible and do not have any wires showing. They are not as reliable as a Hawley Retainer and are not recommended if you have certain conditions like teeth grinding.

Fixed Retainers – These retainers are not removable but they are not visible. The wire is bonded to the tongue side of the teeth where it remains for months or extended periods of time. A lot of times we recommend this type of retainer when there is a high risk the teeth may revert back to their original state.

Retainer Adjustment Period

There is a period of time when you are getting used to wearing your retainer. The body may produce greater quantities of saliva due to the new foreign object in your mouth. It may also be more difficult to speak at in the beginning but you will adjust quickly.

Retainer Maintenance

  • There a few rules to keep in mind if you have a retainer:
  • Only wear your retainer at night
  • Store your retainer in a case when not using
  • Do not place in a napkin
  • Brush your retainer with toothpaste frequently
  • Use Efferedent to help keep your retainer clean

Always make sure to keep your retainer clean. This will help prevent your mouth from getting any infections. Also make sure to always put your retainer back in its case and stored properly. There are way to many instances when our patients have to request a new one because they left it at a restaurant or at a friends house.

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